Dr. Chih-Chien Wang

Dr. Chih-Chien Wang is currently professor of Graduate Institute of Information Management, National Taipei University. His current research interests include online behavior, internet marketing, and cyber psychology 
Dr. Wang published more than one hundred articles (more than 40 articles in international journals) which totally received more than 1000+ citations. H-index (author impact index) of Dr. Wang is 20. i10-index of Dr. Wang is 30.


汪志堅老師 目前為台北大學資管所教授,兼任台北大學商學院電子商務中心主任,台灣資訊系統研究學會理事長,電子商務研究學術期刊總編輯。汪志堅老師曾任台北大學資管所所長,曾發表近百篇學術論文,研究方向為網路行為、網路行銷、網路消費行為、網路心理學等。